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Tech Leader Secrets

Become An Effective Manager

The Tech Leader Secrets coaching program to help technology managers gain the skills and knowledge they need to be effective managers.
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Join The Winning Side
Managers stop firefighting - solve the problem properly
Leaders can focus on strategy not dragged into day-to-day
Teams support leaders and initiatives
Everyone on the same page
How It Works
Coaching material released monthly through a membership site with a different focus each month for 12 months.
Online Program
Watch the videos and follow the expert advice from anywhere in the world at any time to become an effective manager.
Proven Plan
Success is not a stroke of luck. Follow proven and actionable strategies to unlock your potential and fully support your leaders.
Expert Support
Your mentor will be available to answer your questions and provide you with any support that you may need.
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Tim's program is exclusively for leaders in the technology industry who are looking to improve the performance of their managers and take their business to the next level - and have a life outside the business.

Who Is It For


Why Does It Exist

Many technology business leaders are constrained by the managers who report to them. The leaders don't have the time to coach and develop each manager so are unable to deliver their best performance. 
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Don't Waste Time Experimenting
Leading Expertise At Your Fingertips
My name is Tim Luscombe and I'm the creator of the Tech Leader Secrets coaching program that helps technology managers gain the skills and knowledge they need to be effective managers. 

For over 20 years in the technology industry I have seen that most managers (myself included) are promoted to manage others from hands-on roles but don't have the understanding or skills required for the management role. in most technology businesses there is never enough time for non-technical training.

I have helped hundreds of managers develop the many skills they did not have or need in their previous roles and i have distilled this experience into actionable on-line themed coaching sessions that focus on one attribute of management\leadership skills each month. 

Myt program equips managers to fully support their leaders so that the leaders can fulfil their ambitions and take their businesses to new heights. 
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Would you like to unlock your management potential? This is for you!
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Tim Luscombe
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